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Rhyno’s Refrigeration Emphasizes Service

Jodie Turner

Lighthouse staff – published in 1994

Harry and Sharon Rhyno of Rhyno’s Refrigeration take a minute from their busy schedule to enjoy their newest product – brought on-stream this season, a Lennox propane fireplace. It not only looks good, it delivers plenty of heat.

(photo: Jodie Turner)

BRIDGEWATER – Harry Rhyno doesn’t believe in sitting still. He’s brought in new products and services throughout his 19 years at the helm of Rhyno’s Refrigeration.

“I put in between 50 and 60 hours a week. In the summer it’s as high as 75 hours. But that’s fine with me. I’m a workaholic. I like work. I find off-time during the week is often business related. Tonight, it’s a meeting in Halifax – showing the flag.”

Rhyno’s Refrigeration had a modest start. Harry worked out of a Riverport garage and travelled to customers in an old truck. Now he has nine vehicles and eight technicians with expertise in oil burners, refrigeration, propane and electrical. A big part of his business is sales and service of oil and propane heating and ventilation. He’s recently added selling water softeners and servicing them. Rhyno’s also repairs appliances, refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pumps.

Harry services from Hubbards to Shelburne, to Middleton and beyond. “We just put a furnace in in Kingston and another in Halifax.” Although there are two Lennox dealers in Metro, in the past year they’ve done 12 jobs in the city. Most of them are referrals for air-conditioning or heat pumps.

Rhyno’s offers 24-hour service, seven days a week at no extra charge to their regular customers.

Harry describes Sunday as a family day. “Saturday nights, sometimes Friday, my wife Sharon and I spend together.” There’s some time left over for volunteering – although he retired from the scouting a year ago last September, he’s still called on as a resource.

Harry is also active in the Red Cross. “Everyone has a fancy title but we all work,” he says. He is looking for a volunteer to visit schools plus put in some evening work too. A homemaker or retired person would be perfect. “We need one desperately. I didn’t get out boating once last summer. I didn’t get out cross-country skiing last year. I run out of time. The whole family was busy."

"Kevin, the eldest, is working in a restaurant in Victoria. At night he entertains with his solo guitar. Ellie is in England working at a variety of jobs with SWAP (Students Working Abroad Program). She’s coming home this summer and may return to England to further her studies. Jayme is active in sports at centre Junior High. Most of his spare time is spent playing basketball and soccer. He’s away in P.E.I. this weekend,” Harry says. “Last weekend it was the Valley."

“Amanda is our artsy type person. She’s into any kind of acting or music and has been quite successful. She enjoys it. Sharon spends her time between here (at the office), running for the kids and making music in fire halls, hospital and homes for special care. That’s her relaxation.”

Keeping up with long hours and a busy family takes a workaholic.

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