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With Shawn Heisler, Plumbing Red Seal; and Shaun Roy, Plumbing Red Seal

Rhyno’s has not always been in the plumbing business, but 3 years ago, they purchased Langille’s, a local plumbing company that had a great reputation for service. Their commitment to customers, and being responsive to their needs, garnered them many long-term customers, some for more than 20 years. With the retention of key staff members, most notably, Mary Comeau, Service Co-ordinator, Rhyno’s has continued to provide the service that loyal Langille’s customers expect.


Since then, Rhyno’s has expanded their plumbing services. Some of the more common projects for the team are replacing water tanks and doing boiler switch outs – replacing oil furnaces with electric to provide hydronic heating with water, either to radiators or, most common right now, in-floor.   


Shawn Heisler, Plumbing Red Seal, recently celebrated 20 years at Rhyno’s (17 years with Langille’s and 3 years with Rhyno’s). Shawn is one of our most senior employees and is a valuable asset to the company. Working in both residential and commercial, he gets involved in all aspects of plumbing. He excels at hydronic heating and is a very good service tech.


Shawn has mentored a lot of our apprentices over the years, teaching them skills and helping them develop their trade. On the job, he is very versatile, thinking creatively to solve problems, and can easily explain what’s going to happen to the customer. These days Shawn tends to work on a lot of new construction and renovation projects. He is well-liked and often requested by long-term customers.



Shaun Roy, Plumbing Red Seal, is our resident expert when it comes to water treatment systems. Quality of water is a concern here on the South Shore. There is a lot of iron in the water and often a low Ph level, present in both dug and drilled wells.


Water testing is a must. To begin with, a water test for bacteria is required in the purchase of a home, but few people test for minerals. If you are noticing staining or a smell from your water, it’s important to have it tested.  There are solutions to improve the quality of your water, but we first need to know what the problem is.


Rhyno’s, and particularly Shaun, have the experience to identify a particular water problem, and will recommend the right system to fix it.


“It’s somewhat of a science to get the right solution and I encourage customers to have their system serviced annually. I take a lot of pride in getting it right and I know my customers appreciate it. Having good water is very important to most people,” says Shaun.


Quick facts about water treatment:

• If you’re not getting suds happening, you have hard water

• The only thing that will soften water is salt

• Low Ph means corrosion which will eventually cause leaks

• A UV light is always recommended for dug wells to kill bacteria

• Water treatment systems should be serviced once a year


The plumbing team at Rhyno’s is experienced in both residential and commercial projects. No job is too large or too small – from installing sump pumps, bathroom and kitchen renovations, new builds or servicing commercial sites – we’re ready to get the job done.

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