The lights have gone off on my unit so I don't think it's working.

Is it possible that you switched the light off on your remote?

My system isn't giving me heat also there is water pooling around my outdoor unit.

Periodically the systems go into a defrost function during the colder months. This is to protect the unit and enable the ice to be removed from the Outdoor unit. This is also why your system has water around the outside unit and is nothing to be concerned about. Once the unit completes the defrost cycle the unit will return to heating but will start with a blast of cold air.

I have a Dual Head (or Multi heads) why can't I have one on cooling and one on heat

The indoor heads share an outside unit which means it can only do one function at a time. Although you can have them running different functions you can have them set at different heat or cooling levels or even power one head off if not using.

It's winter and I want to run my wood stove. I switched my heat pump off during a storm and now it's a block of ice and won't work.

It's great that you have the option to use a wood stove, however going forward we recommend that during the winter you do not switch off the heat pump but turn it to the lowest heat setting. The system would then still go through the defrost cycle but would not be providing you heat as you would be running your wood stove. You can try pouring warm water over the outside unit or spray with a spray bottle to assist the melting of the ice and hopefully it will be enough to get the system working for you again. Please do not take sharp tools to the unit to chip away the ice as this will damage the unit. In the event that the fan is firmly wedged you should ensure the unit is still switched off when trying to melt the ice. Of course, if you do not feel comfortable doing this a service tech can be dispatched by our service department.